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NOLS Rock Climbing Educator Notebook

NOLS Rock Climbing Educator Notebook

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The goal of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Rock Climbing Instructor Notebook is to provide NOLS instructors who are new to climbing related courses with the basic information on how to teach climbing skills at NOLS, information that corresponds with the current NOLS Accepted Field Practices (NAFP's), as well as standards found within the outdoor industry.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Gear Introduction and Strengths 
  • Chapter 2: Teaching Harnesses, Helmets, and Ropes 
  • Chapter 3: Teaching Knots, Bends, and Hitches 
  • Chapter 4: Teaching Belay School 
  • Chapter 5: Top-Rope Site Management 
  • Chapter 6: Teaching Movement Skills 
  • Chapter 7: Teaching Bouldering 
  • Chapter 8: Teaching Ratings and Climbing Topo Maps 
  • Chapter 9: Teaching Gear Placement 
  • Chapter 10: Assessing Fixed Protection 
  • Chapter 11: Teaching Natural Protection and Anchors 
  • Chapter 12: Teaching Artificial Anchors 
  • Chapter 13: Managing Students at the Top of the Cliff 
  • Chapter 14: Teaching Rappelling 
  • Chapter 15: Managing Students in Third and Fourth Class Terrain 
  • Chapter 16: Teaching Lead Belays 
  • Chapter 17: Managing Students on Multipitch Climbs 
  • Chapter 18: Teaching Anchor Cleaning 
  • Chapter 19: Managing Student Leads 
  • Chapter 20: Teaching Improvised Rescue 
  • Chapter 21: Multipitch Self-Rescue 
  • Appendix I: Using an Auto-locking Belay Device 
  • Appendix II: Common Chemicals and their Effects on Polymers 
  • Appendix III: General Guidelines for Bolt and Hanger Assessment 
  • Appendix IV: Inspection of Helmets and Harnesses 
  • Appendix V: NOLS Climbing and Mountaineering Incidents, 2000-2006

Edited by: David Anderson 2009 edition Desk Edition size: 8.5"x11"

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