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NOLS Cookery, 7th Edition

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With over two million meals prepared in the wilderness, NOLS speaks with authority on the art of backcountry cooking. This seventh edition includes classic NOLS favorites, such as pizza, cinnamon rolls, and super cocoa. In addition to the favorites, both new and updated recipes are also included, along with new recipes for lightweight backpackers and an expanded nutrition chapter. Caloric and nutrient information is included for each recipe in NOLS Cookery. New for this edition is “NOLS Around the World,” a culmination of recipes from NOLS campuses on six continents. Also included is the author's own recipe for Gulch Bites, the beloved and nutritious make-ahead trail snack that NOLS students have enjoyed for many years. Another section includes recipes that can be prepared ahead of time so that readers are always ready for their next adventure. Through its combination of time-tested NOLS recipes, new internationally-focused options, ration planning strategies, and nutrition science, the seventh edition of NOLS Cookery offers readers everything that they need to eat well, and therefore, to live well, in the backcountry.

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